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Goldin Brands Portfolio Companies

Welcome to our portfolio of companies! We are a venture studio that creates and supports promising startups, providing the initial team, strategic direction, and capital for the new business to reach product-market fit. At Goldin Brands, our approach is distinct from the traditional venture capital model. As a venture studio, we are closely involved in the day-to-day operations and strategic decisions of growing the new business and working closely with the founding team to ensure their success.


At our firm we believe that our hands-on approach provides our portfolio companies with the resources, support, and guidance they need to succeed. Our portfolio companies span a diverse range of sectors, from technology and healthcare to consumer products and services. Each company has been carefully vetted by our team of experienced professionals, who look for promising startups with unique value propositions, strong management teams, and compelling growth prospects.


As a growth partner, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our portfolio companies, helping them achieve their goals and maximize their potential. We provide strategic advice, access to capital, and networking opportunities, among other services. After the startup shows traction, it can seek to raise capital from outside investors, including traditional VC's.


We are excited to introduce you to our portfolio companies and invite you to learn more about their innovative products, services, and solutions.

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